Moveable Walls by Woodfold

Dupree is an exclusive distributor: of WoodFold moveable walls, shutters and doors We supply the greater Inland Northwest region with the highest quality manufactured specialty building needs

Dupree Building Specialties is the perfect partner for any type of commercial or industrial job. Whether the job is a convention center, a growing business that could use some extra office productivity without expanding the real estate, or any school or university looking to bring new potential to their learning enviroment, whatever they need, Dupree is the name customers count on to fill spaces with possibilities.


Accordion Doors

Transform large spaces into discreet rooms for discrete functions. Secure areas from foot traffic. Reduce noise in lecture, dining, or recovery rooms—in seconds. From small closet coverings to convention hall walls, space-saving in nearly any color.

Roll-Up Doors

Want to open/close concessions without the long setup time? Keep curious kids out of the home office? Protect your wet-bar investment? Roll-up those problems securely and magnificently. Fine hardwoods and foolproof hardware invite everyday use, without looking “functional”.